The Publications Committee is pleased to announced the launch of our student interactive NCHIMAstudent blog page lead by the charge of our newest committee member Rolliene Mallari.  The big difference between this blog page and others is that we are blogging with a purpose.  This page provides a series of blogging topics such as business etiquette, how to begin your career in Health Information Management (HIM), student mentoring to help boast your career and upcoming cultural events that take place throughout our great state of North Carolina.  There is also a suggested book of the month read that ties in with the 2016-2017 themes of our bimonthly publication newsletter Footprints.

We are open to suggesting, comments and of course new bloggers.

Use this site along with other NCHIMA student resources available at www.nchima.org/him-careers/student-resources to help make your educational journey easier.

The NCHIMA Publications Committee
Leola Burke –  Publications Chair
Pamela Lail –   NCHIMA President-Elect (Member Services Chair)
Rolliene Mallari -Publications Committee Member
Sharon Easterling – 2016/2017 NCHIMA President
Ralph Morrison – NCHIMA Executive Director